The ASI Filling System is a safe and manageable method for filling single-use bags under sterile conditions.  It is designed so that no user interaction with the fill point is necessary.  The filling system rapidly fills and automatically seals the ASI bag,  resulting in a closed, sterile bag every time.
Setting up the system is also easy.  The user simply places the connector into the cradle.  The machine then removes the cap, and the nozzle connects with the body of the connector.  After the fill is complete, the nozzle is removed, the cap is replaced and the bag is now sealed and tamper-resistant.
Labor is minimized, and processes are streamlined.  This versatile filling feature can be readily integrated into a number of processes, saving time and expense.

When used in conjunction with a laminar flow hood, ASI’s Filling System fills bags ranging in size from 100 mL to 20 L maintaining sterility and safety for the customer’s product.  ASI’s Filling System utilizes a fixture and cap assembly which fully controls the filling interface. No user interaction with the fill port is required.  The result is a tamper evident dispensing port and a cleaner, more efficient and cost effective method of filling. To ensure precise filling, load cells measure the volume being filled into the bag.

Models shown from left to right: Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Semi-Automatic integrated with a Weight Scale.


  • The system can be used with bags as small as 100 mL and as large as 20 L.
  • ASI provides custom sterile tubing assemblies to meet customers’ specific needs. Disposable sterile tube sets mean there is no need to clean after use.
  • The small footprint diminishes clean room space requirements and is ideal for rapid implementation.
  • Different volumetric dispensing formats, such as a peristaltic pump, can be integrated into the system.

Filling System Photo Gallery