Three60 Single-Use Sampling System

for Biopharmaceutical Sampling

Thanks to its straightforward design, the single-use three60 Sampling System makes it easy to acquire a representative sample of proteins, buffers or clinical product with a minimum of effort.  The system contains no parts that require user assembly, disassembly, or cleaning, and no additional tools are required.  Everything comes pre-irradiated and assembled into one piece.  All that is necessary is to remove the device from the kit and apply to the vessel.  Up to four bioprocess samples can be removed in just minutes.

ASI’s Quick-Turn three60 valve is designed to turn in only one direction. Turn once for the open position and again to the closed position.  The single turn feature of the valve barrel together with the individual fluid paths for each sample assembly ensures that there is absolutely no risk of cross-contamination between lines.
With nothing but the press of the operator’s hands, the Pinch and Cut Disconnection device will pinch the tube closed, seal the tube ends, and separate them cleanly, allowing a rapid disconnection of the sample bag - eliminating the need for an expensive tube sealing machine.
The three60 Single-Use Sampling System is a practical method of acquiring samples in a single-use format.  Sampling is achieved safely, with improved sterility, and reduced cleaning requirements.

Valve Mechanics

The three60 valve only turns in one direction and will only turn once to an open position then again to a closed position for each line. There is no risk of cross contamination between lines because of the single turn direction of the valve barrel and the individual fluid paths for each sample assembly. Additionally, the valve closes ensuring that no fluid “hold-up” can be flushed into the next sample during the CIP / SIP process.

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